Spring is almost here!

To blog often is always on my to-do list.  Yet blogging keeps getting bumped to the bottom of that list!  With all the social media platform and “quick fixes” like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, it gets harder and harder to get people to read.  I’m no expert in social media or anything remotely close but I’m not sure how much longer blogging will exist.  It seems people prefer to communicate quickly and easily by posting pictures with one word # (hashtag) descriptions.

Since I’m old skool 😉 I still enjoy reading (a paperback) and writing.  I may be the only one reading my own blogs but it’s worth a shot sharing my thoughts, along with some photography.

I’ll continue to use the blog as my outlet to practice my writing and to share our work.

March break just recently ended and we visited an amazing aquarium where I had the opportunity to take wonderful pictures.  It was hard to shoot something through glass (that was backlit) so I had to manoeuvre around each exhibit.  With patience and creativity, I’m pretty pleased at how the photographs turned out!

Check them out and hope you like them 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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