Zed Nelson

It’s not my first time blogging about the importance of photographs nor will it be the last.  What I want to share today is the feeling of nostalgia that an old photograph provides.  The type of camera used or smartphone, whether professionally taken or not, a picture says a thousand words.  A thousand words squeezed into one photo can evoke big emotions!  

I came across this article about a photographer (Zed Nelson) who followed and photographed a family for the past 22 years.  He used the same lighting technique, backdrop and similar poses throughout the years.  The result.  Incredible.  I was touched by the simplicity of the growing family and how it was documented.

So whether you’re a professional photographer or not, a DSLR shooter or smartphone shooter, please take pictures.  A lot of it because 5 years from now (or earlier) you’ll look back and grasp the power of photographs.


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